The EMbassador Program

The Resume Rewrite

Submit your resume to The EM Team and we schedule a 30 minute consult to get to know the real you. Our team will help reformat your content and style to ensure your resume is authentic, elegant and showcasing your best self.

Workplace Personality Profile

In our experience, Executive-Assistant success requires a high level of synergy, so we partnered with Growth Resources Indicators, the fastest and most precise workplace personality profiling method, to help us identify the key patterns that make great matches.

The Impromptu Interview

The assistant position exists because life is complicated. We invite you to sit down with us to learn about common job responsibilities and walk through a typical interview for an assistant position.

Matching Eligibility

Our EMbassadors are invited to join our pool of eligible assistants. When job opportunities arise, we will contact you with details. Accept or decline the interview, it’s entirely up to you!

Our next 500 EMbassadors receive The EM Package at no cost!