Last week, Jenny introduced an interesting subject to the EM platform: Humble Servant Leadership. Since she covered what it is and what it means – I thought I might chime in with an anecdotal application of HSL from the assistant P.O.V.

When I think about Humble Servant Leadership – I think of the highlights of my career as an assistant. I’m not talking about the times I got to interact with celebrities. Not the moments I stood quietly behind the Chairman as he contemplated nationwide policy. Not even saying I once worked for…


The highlights of my career are those mundane everyday interactions that made me someone’s other half. The vulnerable moments of deep synergy between my executive and myself that received no immediate celebration. The times that no one else experienced and, in all likelihood, the times others probably wouldn’t want to experience anyhow.

I mean, telling someone that I spent nearly every day for two years rearranging my boss’ dishwasher so that it ran more efficiently and cost effectively is not terribly glamorous. However, it’s the little things that culminate in the cool stuff.

They’re the moments that breed trust and convey worthiness. Not begging: Am I worthy of your love? No. Just the opposite. They are the physical act of showing up for someone you’ve deemed worthy of your love.

There was a time when I thought that showing up was a quality unique to me. People would ask my executives – where did you find her and how can we get one? But, as I’ve grown up and into my position as a leader in this community, I’ve discovered that I am not alone.

There are many people out there who do the work, who handle the mundane, who show up for the minutia because it is a beautiful and necessary piece of a whole they hold dear.

We don’t hear about these people as often as we hear about the latest lip color used by a Kardashian, but that’s because Humble Servant Leaders don’t have a hole that aches to be filled. They don’t have time or energy to waste on empty, attention-seeking stunts.

They are too busy and content being themselves – and that’s what makes them great.

There’s a quote I read somewhere in my voracious studies: “If you think you’re humble – you’re not.” The same holds true of Humble Servant Leadership. It is not something you think you are, it’s something that is because of who you are.

Do you know a Humble Servant Leader?

The EM Team certainly does & we interviewed her last Spring. If you ever need inspiration, look to Rosianna Halse Rojas as she epitomizes a true Humble Servant Leadership success story. While you’re at it, check out NY Minute Magazine’s article Going Beyond Your Degree to read an extended version of EM’s interview with Rosi.

You’re the bee’s knees,



Catherine Brown, EM’s Co-Founder & CEO

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