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Welcome to Entourage Managers

This blog is a resource for EA’s and managers alike. Each week, we will add a new post addressing the issues, opportunities and situations that affect the work-life wellness of both parties.

Below you will find an outline of our weekly topics so that you know what to expect and look forward to:

  1. Crafting Magic: Streamlining the Success of EA’s
  2. What is an Executive Assistant?
  3. What makes a good manager for an EA?
  4. Challenges for Managers
  5. Challenges for Assistants
  6. Building Harmony Between Assistants and Managers
  7. Best Tools for Assistants
  8. Opportunities for Assistants
  9. Finding Work-Life Balance
  10. Work-Life Wellness Tips
  11. The Future of Assisting

We can’t wait to share this journey with you.

We would love to hear your feedback, questions and comments as well, reach out here.



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